Updates on Santander to Porto

Update posted by Tom Hatton On Aug 30

Hi all, I eventually made it to Santiago on 23/04 - tired and dusty after riding 650k with 10,000m of climbing- so just one Everest in the end, but it was hard won with some evil gradients in some of the most isolated spots I have ever ridden. I ended up dipping in and out of the Camino pilgrimage which was nice as i was with others engaged in a long journey and the atmosphere of building excitement as you near Santiago is definitely worth doing if you ever get the opportunity. So whilst I didn't complete my original route, I still took a lot from learning more about my physical and mental limits - I will definitely be learning some bike mechanics before trying anything like this again as it was through luck, not judgement, that my back wheel held out till the end. It was enormously encouraging to get such a lot of support on this page whilst riding and I know the funds secured will be of huge benefit to Matty and his family - thanks so much for your help

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