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This is a long journey
Update posted by Ilse Aucamp On Aug 01

I have not written an update in a while. We are all still working on our journey towards a new beginning. We had our last visit to the dentist a week ago, which is a massive milestone for us. For the first time in years our "daughter" can chew properly and is pain free. Our "son" is making strides in his journey to catch up with school. He loves being "normal"! (Whatever that means!) He went for a sleep over with a school friend for the first time in his life, and that put him on such a high! having teenagers in the house obviously leads to constant fights about the internet, especially with one child schooling online, another doing GEDs and two adults working from home. We've reached a huge milestone where our new little family could afford to get their own internet. My friend is thriving, she still does not have a job, but being such a creative genius, she is starting to make beautiful things to sell. So if you need anything made out of leather, clothing for a special occasion (she is busy making a Princess Leia dress for a costume party) let us know! We will soon launch our online shop - I will keep you posted. She is moving into the her role as mother and taking charge of her life more and more everyday. This is a long journey, but I am so proud of how far we've came. We could not do this without your love and support on so many levels. Thank you for your love and support, and opening your hearts and wallets to us in such a difficult time. And keep watching this space. I believe with everything in me that this story will have a happy ending. And that each one of us who embarked on this journey will continue paying it forward. Day after day. One step at a time.

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