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I have no words!
Update posted by Ilse Aucamp On May 27

Today did not start very well, and I felt a bit down in the dumps. We had a turbulent week and everything that can go wrong did. Thee rollercoaster ride of this week made me feel a bit shaky! This changed in seconds when a very, very generous friend donated a very, very big amount of money to our campaign. I was lost for words, and sure that they made a mistake with the amount. They did not! I still struggle to belief that people can be so generous in these difficult times that we live in, and that towards complete strangers. I know generous comes in different shapes and sizes, and we appreciate every contribution, as it comes from the heart. Our second encounter was with an angel in human form who assisted us with so much more than just advice on schooling options. She gave us support and encouragement and allowed us to leave the past in the past, as it belong. This is so important in this journey, to look forward and not to dwell in the past. Like Brene Brown said: "If we own the story then we can write the ending."

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