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June 9th Hearing Update
Update posted by Rick Jaffe Esq On Jun 10

Kelly Sutton's hearing on her writing eight medical vaccine exemptions starts this Monday, June 14th. I hope to post information by Friday about how you can watch or listen to it.

We just received the judge's ruling on the Board's Motion to limit the evidence, two parts of which was it's attempt to know out James Lyons Weiler and Mahin Khatami from the case. The judge knocked them both out of the case. I am not sure what the reason was. It could be that they are both PhDs and not medical doctors and the judge indicated that their testimony was duplicative or only marginally different from the other witnesses. That seems wrong to me, but she's the judge and I am just an attorney for a party.

I will post both of their expert reports and the judge's order on my website blog. www.rickaffe.com. The expert reports reading, the judge's order, not so much. You'll be aggravated by the brevity of the reason and the stinginess of time given the stakes for Dr. Sutton, but welcome to the world of administrative or pretty much any law proceeding involving challenging the infectious disease paradigm.

Watch out for my post about the details of following the case on line.

Rick Jaffe, Esq


Believe the link to your blog is wrong in this update, missing maybe the j?

Heather Corfee

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