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Update: 50% of the final goal, thank you very much!
Update posted by Roxana Fiorella Ortegal Aranibar On Mar 13

We couldn't have done it without YOU. Thank you so so much, from all of us! I'm overwhelmed by your compassionate words, supportive messages and of course, your donations. This means so much.

My mother is currently very stressed and reasonably emotional, so I've been in touch with my sister to coordinate all the details regarding bank transferences and the best ways to send money from this side of the world (she's also more tech savvy). Yes, the fees are quite high unfortunately, but there's no other way. I've been sending a part of the money for them to start paying the expenses.

Again, muchas gracias / thank you very much / תודה רבה!

Here, a couple of pictures https://imgur.com/a/MRh4sth
(I didn't know how to include it in this post, the image uploading tool wasn't properly working).

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