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Day 5 & 6
Update posted by Orvas Anca On Feb 17

On day 5 at 5 in the morning I tried to get Lisa out of her carrier to play with her new toys. After many attempts she finally came to me and started playing with my hair scrunchies. She ate a little, she didn’t drink water, but I tried to call her for food more often. As a good sign, she started jumping on our countertops like she used to!

On day 6 Lisa got out of her carrier multiple times and rested on our desk with her sister. She also played a little with my scrunchies again instead of the new toys we got her, as always.The blood test result came today, but our vet told us he couldn’t look up at it yet so expect the photo with the results tomorrow!

Thank you for your support! I’ll never forget that!

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