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Day 3 & 4
Update posted by Orvas Anca On Feb 16

Day 3 – This day was one with a very strong emotional charge for us, because we wasted 2 doses in my attempt to give her the shot. They both ended up on her fur in some way or another. I can’t watch her suffer, my heart breaks. After a dramatic episode we managed to urgently take her to a close by vet and he made the shot. We were very close to ending the 3rd day with losing hope in humanity after we saw that the only people willing that answered us were people that told us they’d promote us in exchange for a sum of money we obviously don’t have ( they didn’t even read our story ). People started donating and we started hoping again. During the evening, Lisa started playing again!

Day 4 – We managed to establish a treatment plan with our vet, and he also gave her the shot. Unfortunately our baby threw up 2 times ( for the first time ever in her life ), but it’s normal, because it’s one of the symptoms of the disease. She spent the entire day in her transport cage, except during the moments when she came to eat a few bites. We were told she lacks trust in us now, the shots she’s receiving hurt, badly. We are hoping for better days, and for her to understand we mean her no harm!

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