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Day 1 and 2 of treatment
Update posted by Orvas Anca On Feb 13

Day 1 – after the first shot she felt weak ( her body is probably fighting ) and slept for most of the day, but she started to eat more by herself. We were so nervous because we heard that some poor souls died after the first injection, so we kept waking her up to make sure she’s still with us. Thankfully she was fine, and she came with us in bed during the night. She likes to suckle on earlobes, she was missing her mother and got stuck with this habit.

Day 2 – Today was a hard moment for me since I had to give her the shot myself. As I never did it before, I put the needle in her twice, because the first time I did it she got scared and I thought I did something wrong and pulled it out. It was extremely stressing, that’s why we don’t have any pictures from when we gave her the shot. She started crying, it hurt me inside so much. The needle is rather thin because the treatment requires it. She eventually stopped crying after I gave her treats.

Today, February 13th, she ate 4 times so far, starting with 4AM in the morning. Sometimes more, sometimes only a few bites. She also received treats along with her soul sister. She is drinking water by herself, but not nearly as much as she used to before she got sick, so I will give her water with the syringe from now on.

A good thing is that our kitten jumps in her liter by herself, the entrance being on the top, and most importantly she started to try to bury her food again, by scratching our floor.

Although, after the shot it looks like she stopped trusting us, she spent the whole day in her transport cage…

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