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It' Thyroid Cancer
Update posted by Cherry Viel Laud On Jan 21

January, 2020: We asked our Oncologist if he could refer us to another Pulmonologist who can possibly do a Bronchoscopy. As we enter the Pulmonologist's clinic, he noticed right away my mom's eye and asked if she has thyroid problem. I could not answer, I look at my mom and ask her because I really had no idea. Actually, no one had. All I know is that the only problem is just with her lungs.

Her pulmonologist requested for a chest xray before he can decide for a Bronchoscopy. Based on the result, her left lung is almost filled with fluid again. The doctor recommend her for admission for PigTail and to roll out the cause of the recurrent pleural effusion.

We got admitted right away on that same day. A series of test has been done and PigTail Catheter was also inserted right away. Chest X-ray, CT Scan and Ultrasounds were done to check the nodules on her lungs. After taking all those tests and procedures, her Pulmonologist told us that he really can't do Bronchoscopy nor CT Scan Guided Biopsy because the two procedures are too risky and could cause her lungs to collapse and since her pulmonologist already suspected that the mass on her thyroid could be the possible cause of the recurrent pleural effusion on her lungs, he then requested for a neck ultrasound and there they found that she really have thyroid mass.

The doctor then decided to have an ultrasound guided biopsy on the thyroid instead last January 13, 2021. After 6 days of waiting, we were able to get the result, Suspicious for Papillary Cancer...Her Pulmonologist then told us to have my mom's thyroid mass checked and be treated before he can work up my mom's lungs.

Her Oncologist then requested for an Endocrinologist to have my mother checked but the Endocrinologist can't do anything for now since my mom is too weak. She can't recommend for an operation because she can see that my mother could not bear it and could die while on the operating table. She can't also recommend RADIOACTIVE IODINE becauae if she will give my mom the full dose medication, my mom needs to be isolated for almost a month. No one could go near to her because of the radiation but it's very impossible for us to just let her alone for almost a month. My mom could not stand and walk on ber own. She has PigTail Catheter and could not last long without oxygen.

Right now, we are still in the hospital, waiting for an update and what will be our next steps from her Oncologist.

Please do pray for us🙏

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