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She Started To Feel Weak Again
Update posted by Cherry Viel Laud On Jan 18

November 2020: But every medicine do have its side effects. My mom started to lose her appetite and experience severe body pains. Since she is not getting the nutrients that her body needs and though the plueral fluid may have regress, her laboratory results did not went well.

My mom started to feel weak again, until here comes the month of November and she can no longer bear the body pain and started to feel the shortness of breathing again.

We decided to see a pulmonologist. The doctor requested for a chest xray and that same day she advised us to have our mom admitted. We stayed in the hospital for 5days. My mom undergo a series of tests. Laboratories, X-rays, Ultrasounds and CT Scan.

After those series of tests, a nodule on her left lung was found on her CT Scan Result. Her pulmonologist then requested for a CT Scan Guided Biopsy but the Radiologist refused to do it because it is too risky for my mom. Her pulmonologist also refused to do the Bronchoscopy because of the risks. My mom can no longer undergo an operation because of the pleural liquid present on her lungs. The only and last option that they gave us is the Ultrasound Guided Thoracentesis then have the fluid examined again.

Two weeks after, then we received the Cytology Report and went directly to her Pulmonologist's clinic. The doctor said that the Cytology Report could not commit if the cells found is Malignant or not.

Since she have nodules on her lungs, though the report could not commit for Malignancy, her pulmonologist advised us to vusit an oncologist.

Oncologist.... a doctor who treats cancer and provides medical care for a person diagnosed with cancer.

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