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She Started Losing Her Voice...
Update posted by Cherry Viel Laud On Jan 17

July, 2020 : She Started Losing Her Voice..

The second admission for the another Ultrasound Guided Thoracentesis was postponed due to our financial incapacity until it was cancelled due to restrictions on admissions, lockdown and transportation freeze caused by COVID-19.

My mom started losing her voice and suffered persistent cough with phlegm. We decided to visit one of the clinics in our town since it's still not convenient and safe to go to the hospitals in the city. The doctor requested for a Chest Ultrasound and X-ray. We were surprised and glad that there was a regression of pleural fluid from 816ml(March, 2020) to 325ml(July 2020) without even having the Ultrasound Guided Thoracentesis done. The doctor then gave her a medication and requested for a follow up Chest Ultrasound after a month. The medication is very effective! From 325ml(July 2020), there was a regression of pleural fluid to 160ml(August 2020).

But every medicine do have its side effects. My mom started to lose her appetite and experience severe body pains. Since she is not getting the nutrients that her body needs and though the plueral fluid may have regress, her laboratory results did not went well.

My mom started to feel weak again, until here comes the month November and she can no longer bear the body pain and started to feel the shortness of breathing again....

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