Updates on Help Teachers to rebuild a Music School destroyed in Earthquake

Heroes for heroes
Update posted by Petar Culibrk On Feb 01

The school has been given a new building for use in the refinery social centre for a year and a half. Since there is not enough space, we are continuing the campaign, which goes on until the end of February.

We have succeeded in moving all the instruments from the demolished building of the music school, which will be renovated, and so the Steinway concert piano has been given a new place in the hall of the refinery social centre, where students will be able to play and have concerts with their teachers, but only temporarily.

Therefore, we are continuing the campaign and are thanking everyone for the raised funds so far by covering a song by the cult musician David Bowie, Heroes.

The song Heroes will also be found on all streaming services such as Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, etc.

Once again, thank you everyone for the raised funds so far.

Music must resonate in the cities of Sisak and Petrinja again, and the culture of the entire Sisak-Moslavina County must be brought back to its feet. Let's return music to Sisak and Petrinja and into the hands of children!
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