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We've Raised Over $7,000!
Update posted by Felecia Killings On Feb 23

Greetings Beloveds,

We've now raised over $7,000 for our fundraising initiative. Our program continues to gain traction, and more women are looking to our ministry to find the healing they need to rebuild their lives after experiencing traumatic moments.

In February, a new single mother was added to our life coaching program. This year, we are working with her to launch her online business. In addition, she will become a published author, one who uses her book to help other women avoid entering violent, abusive relationships.

In addition, we are expanding our services to help young women who have been sexually assaulted. With our life coaching sessions, we help them experience spiritual healing and economic development. In addition, we teach them how to prepare themselves to become wives to their future, suitable mates.

Too often, young Black women do not receive wifely training prior to entering romantic relationships. As such, many find themselves unwed, despite their desires for marriage. Because we believe strongly in building social empires, we recognize this need, and we will work with young women who have a passion for marriage and family based on Kingdom principles.

This is how we ensure our social, political, and economic spheres thrive in this new decade.

Your ongoing contributions to this initiative allow us to provide FREE training to the women at no upfront costs to them.

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