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Sisak families
Update posted by Goran Kovacevic On Jan 15

And finally, my hometown Sisak. Children and their future should come first. I was guided by that thought all the way. All the families I will help lived in apartments in buildings that are going to be demolished.

They are currently housed outside Sisak or in houses/containers they have been given for use. Everyone’s goal is to find a new place to live.

Lončar family (4-member family, two babies) - They received a red sticker for the apartment they just bought with a loan and picked up another loan for decoration (photos). Their grandmother’s house in Majske Poljane was also damaged by the earthquake, so they are currently housed with their parents. A family with two babies and young people to help them get back on their feet.

Tunjić family with an underage daughter - As with everyone, the earthquakes left great psychological consequences on the whole family. They cannot return to the apartment (the load-bearing wall of the building was damaged - photos attached), and they are currently located in Dugo Selo. They will have to return to Sisak for their daughter’s school, but unfortunately, they have nowhere to come back to. We will help them with a donation to find new accommodation.

Family Požgaj (5-member family with three children) - The father works in Germany and repays the bank loan. Three children are 9, 8, and 1-year old. Currently located in Sv. Martin. The building received a red sticker. We will help them return to Sisak and start a new life.

Tačković family (4-member family, with two children) - At the moment, they have received a container house. The building which they lived in will be demolished. Both parents have loans, and we will help them rent an apartment and return their family to a new place.

Animal Protection Association Bijeli Očnjak - You can also call them the Mesić family. I love animals, and I respect people who care for them and consider them their family. Mesic family is one of them. They lived in a house that was given a red sticker. Some of the animals were taken care of by volunteers, while some stayed with them. They had an issue when nobody wanted to accommodate them temporarily because of the few dogs that are their family. They did not want to be separated from them, under any circumstances. They found a beautifully secluded cottage, with a large yard (pictured) that could become their new refuge. We will help them make that wish come true!

Fran Lhotka Music School Sisak - I was talented, but also lazy, but I managed to finish elementary music school. I met a lot of friends there with whom I am still in contact today. I didn’t touch my guitar for 10 years after I finished school. Then something changed and I, semi-educated, formed a band, which is my greatest pleasure in the world. When I saw those talented kids on TV playing in front of a collapsed school, I decided. They have a lot more talent, will, and desire than I had at their age and I couldn’t ignore that and deny them help. The music in Sisak will not stop.

The campaign continues until the end of the weekend! We are approaching the figure of € 150,000. I have already earmarked all the funds for the families whose stories and names I have published. It is possible that, depending on the situation today and tomorrow, if there is a smaller amount left, I will donate it to other families at a later date. I will be announcing the next steps over the next week when I start the verification process. I am in private contact with all the families and I am getting the information I need from everyone for now.

Thank you everyone for your support and donations!



Zoran Vujcic

Update posted by Jan 16


Thank you for the updates!

Kristina Pepelko

Update posted by Jan 15

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