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Glina families
Update posted by Goran Kovacevic On Jan 13

Glina. There's no person that doesn't know Dalibor Vignjevic. While I was inquiring about his situation, I was told - everybody here knows Dado, he is the good spirit of Glina. Life did not caress him, and so the story begins. Everything you read in the media is true, so I won’t go into much detail. (example: https://www.jutarnji.hr/.../boluje-od-raka-samohrani-je...).

I'll just say that we will help Dado with a donation from the campaign and that he has a great team around him that is already working on building a new house. The new land has already been purchased, the foundations are already being laid.

The other family we will help is the Jambrešić family from Novo Selo Glinsko. A 6-member family (with two underaged children) lives in the house that received the orange sticker (pictures attached). They are currently housed with relatives, and they plan to enter into loans to renovate the house. We will help at least partially get them started somewhere.

Finally, we have a young Mileković family from Glina. A family of three with a baby born a few weeks before the earthquake. The apartment they furnished for raising a family is unusable (pictures attached). Their parents house has also cracked and is not very warm for the baby. They are currently housed in Velika Gorica, and we will help them return to the path they set out on before these adversities.

The campaign lasts for another 3 days and by the end, I will announce which families from Sisak we will help. After the campaign conclusion, I expect about a week of operational work with the DUH Association and the GGF, after which we will start distributing funds.

Thank you everyone!

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