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Petrinja families
Update posted by Goran Kovacevic On Jan 09

Next in line is Petrinja. A large number of acquaintances, a large number of families in need of help. Here are the ones we will help start from scratch as soon as possible:

- Željko Vrzan - you read about this gentleman in the media, and I have nothing to add. What is unfortunate is that a man was promised a car to be able to do his job (RTV service), after which the person stopped calling him. Mr. Željko will receive a donation so he can buy a car that which will help him continue the business from which he as a single father supports 2 children. (https://www.index.hr/magazin/clanak/prizori-koji-s...)

- Doris and Boris Barić - brother and sister whose father passed away, and whose mother suffers from cancer. Grandmother and aunt also live in the household. The earthquake damaged the roof of the house where they lived and which now needs renovation. Very humble and dear young people who stick together in all adversity.

- Family Čulibrk (4 members) - a young family with two children aged 5 and 7. In the earthquake, the roof of their house collapsed and they miraculously passed without injuries. Marko and his wife are educators, they work in school and kindergarten and we will help them.

- Family Ljubešić (3 members) - a young family with a baby of 6 months. Their apartment in the center of Petrinja was completely destroyed, and in the last 10 days they've been moved to Podravina, then back to Petrinja in a container given to them by the City and in which they were together with another family and in which they did not have conditions for a baby. Temporarily they went to the coast until they get their own container. They plan to have 4 children they want to raise in Petrinja, and we will give them support to execute that plan for themselves and their children.

I was in contact with many people from Petrinja, and families that were somewhat more exposed in the media - such as the man who saved his son from the rubble, and the policeman who selflessly helped others while his house was also wrecked. These people refused help, saying that there are those in more need and that they have been taken care of. I would like to thank them for their honesty and selflessness.

By the end of the campaign, I will publish the names of families I will help from the area of Glina, and of course Sisak.

In total, we will help about ~ 20 families, and I can tell you first hand that they are immensely grateful for the help and donations we have provided them. 🙏❤️


I know Boris and he is a really humble person! Really great that you will help him and all the other families that are in need!

Matija Čavrag

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