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Third family we're helping
Update posted by Goran Kovacevic On Jan 05

The next family we will help out is one sad story, very difficult to swallow and I'm honestly sick to my stomach when thinking about it.

The family are sisters who lived in Petrinja. Ivana is 20 years old and takes care of 13-year-old Martina. They live alone on a welfare, and their mother passed away last year on their doorstep from a heart failure. Ivana was diagnosed with a tumor at the age of one, and one kidney was removed. At the age of 6, Martina was diagnosed with a tumor on her neck, which was removed, but left a mental developmental disorder and speech difficulties.

The father is an alcoholic and mistreats the girls, so they moved from Sisak to Petrinja to the apartment that their mother was supposed to get for housing, but after the earthquake that apartment is no longer usable.Martina's tumor has returned, and needs surgery again.

The girls are currently accommodated with Mrs. Natalija Vujic in Zagreb (near Lucko). Natalija herself has 4 children. Otherwise, they are related and the plan is for the girls to move permanently to Zagreb. Currently, Natalia is active in the process of obtaining custody of the girls through a lawyer. I am in contact with Natalija and Ivana, and I will visit them soon. We will help them settle in Zagreb and start a new life from the campaign funds.

Details of this story can be seen in Natalia's comment on this post: https://www.facebook.com/ana.bratanic/posts/102225...

As for the campaign in general, I will close it a little earlier than planned (probably mid January). The reason is because people need funds to get back on their feet as soon as possible.

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