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This Is What You've Been Waiting For!!!
Update posted by Panquake Community On Aug 01

Dear Panquake Community,

TONIGHT Panquake mark their sixth public delivery event with arguably the most exciting announcement since the campaign launched back in January: Panquake is inviting supporters to join the Panquake BETA Team of 5,000!

In only a few hours from now, Panquake Founder Suzie Dawson will unveil all the key details of Panquake's BETA release plans at the regularly scheduled July monthly delivery meeting, which will be published on Vimeo.

A press release published on Panquake.com teasing the delivery gives a taste of some of the information that will be in tonight's announcement:

Thousands of supporters of next generation social media platform PANQUAKE are being invited to apply to join the BETA release of the blockchain-based short messaging service... Members of the public who apply will be vetted and hand selected by the PANQUAKE team to fill 5,000 BETA user spots, earning early access to the platform as well as a lifetime membership rate of only $3 per month.

Founder Suzie Dawson said: “It is thrilling to announce that we will be inviting our community to apply to participate in the PANQUAKE BETA. This moment marks a significant milestone in the development of a sorely needed solution in the social media space. In keeping with our Proof of Authority blockchain consensus model, those who are selected will form the trusted core of the PANQUAKE network. This will provide the peer-to-peer foundation upon which millions of users will later be able to publish their content to the PANQUAKE blockchain.”

The following infographic accompanies the announcement and outlines:

  • The Release Pathway for four iterations of the PANQUAKE application, from v1.0 BETA through to the v2.0 Full Public Release
  • The different user groups that will have access to each of the releases
  • The approximate schedule and pre-conditions for releasing each version of the Panquake application

Dawson will present much more information at the meeting including the most important detail of all - how users can apply to be part of the BETA! Stay tuned for a follow-up campaign update once the event video is published so you can be a step ahead of the crowd!

And of course, you can help speed the delivery process up by donating to get Panquake's groundbreaking social media innovations to the public more swiftly.

Exciting times!!

Big love from all of us here working for freedom of communication, every day!

- The Panquake Team


So freakin awesome!

Sean Barry

Update posted by Aug 01


Awesome .. and a big thank you to all the programmers and others who are making this happen!

Merwin Abbott

Update posted by Aug 01

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