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BREAKING! Panquake.com Launches Video News Service
Update posted by Panquake Community On Jun 27

Dear Panquake Community;

We want YOU to be the most informed community in the world about the issues - user privacy, censorship, big tech manipulation, data security, law impacts and more - and the solutions Panquake provides.

That's why we're launching TALK LIBERATION - Your Worldwide Internet Report - a brand new Substack newsletter and video series starring up and coming online journalist Taylor Hudak, recapping the most important internet headlines around the globe in just a few minutes of your time.

Your Worldwide Internet Report is hot, fresh, quality information from unimpeachable sources produced at a high professional standard: check out the 1-minute promo below!

For a tiny $5 per month (or a discounted rate of $50 per year!) your Talk Liberation Substack subscription will give you a role in shaping your own future, not allowing greedy social media corporates to treat you and your data simply as a profit centre.

This news is too important for us to lock it behind a pay wall - so we haven’t. However, those who elect to join the Talk Liberation Community are the engine that will keep this machine running

Every week you will receive 2 updates to your inbox:

  • A news article covering the week’s developments in the online world
  • The latest episode of our headline news show Talk Liberation
  • Occasionally, we will post special guest interviews or other bonus content.

Be counted. Subscribe Now - you choose what you can afford.

And best of all, by subscribing to Your Worldwide Internet Report you will be indirectly supporting Panquake - the solution we are all waiting for!

Join the Talk Liberation Community

Your subscription is your ticket to the Talk Liberation Community. Be part of a community of people who share your interests. Talk with them directly & get straight answers.

As a member of our Community, you can interact with Taylor and our team directly via the Community section of our Substack page - talkliberation.substack.com. Give feedback, ask questions, share your thoughts and be part of a community of people who know how important it is to stay connected

Take the first step towards a better internet for all of us.

Talk Liberation - Your Worldwide Internet Report is brought to you by PANQUAKE.com: We Don’t Hope, We Build!

It is also being rolled out this week in additional languages: Spanish, Portuguese, German, French and Norwegian!

Oh - and did Panquake deliver at it's 5th monthly Public Delivery Event last night? Oh yes we did!!!

In fact, in June we surpassed May's progress in every single metric:

In May we promised that coding of the Panquake application would begin June 5th - we hit that target early and incredible progress is being made on the build:

As always, we'll keep you updated!

In the meantime, head over to our Substack and see what's on offer in this coming week - subscribe, and spread the word about this one-of-a-kind social media and internet news service!

Big love and well wishes,

- The Panquake Team

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