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Twitter Bans YOU!!
Update posted by Panquake Community On May 06

Dear Panquake Community,

We received an email that you have to see to believe. Because it contains shocking corporate hubris on naked display.

What kind of a company has the audacity to write to its users and tell them not to bother writing back because they won't read it? A kind of company like this, apparently:

The above letter from Twitter related to our having filed a complaint over the arbitrary suspension without reason of the account "Panquake People".

Panquake People was an organising group for ordinary members of the public who of their own volition were supporting Panquake and collaborating to promote our groundbreaking people-powered platform.

But the corporates wanted to squash their voice and have done so, by permanently suspending the Panquake People account and refusing to enter into any further discussion about it.

This letter shocked us for a number of reasons.

1. Twitter is not just attacking Panquake staff, as they have done previously, but now also our supporters

2. Twitter claims Panquake People had "multiple or repeat violations" of its Terms Of Service - this is false. This is the first account suspension and no prior warning was ever received.

3. Despite making allegations, Twitter supplied no evidence whatsoever of any such "violations" of its Terms of Service. So their email amounts to hollow words, from a callous organisation.

4. Panquake People only amplified the voices of ordinary people - it did not post any custom tweets or new content at all and never had. So any infringing content (which we seriously doubt there was any) was via retweet only.

5. The hubris required to ban an account with no evidence and then dictate that the customer cannot even reply to the letter or follow up on the issue in any way, is a shocking lack of transparency and a total abandonment of the democratic value of due process.

What these incredibly poor business practices add up to is that Twitter is running a technological dictatorship. It doesn't have customer service, it has an abuse service! Where you are silenced and then gaslit about the reasons why and deprived of any ability for redress or recourse.

For Panquake staff, this is a Master Class in how to NEVER operate our services.

Registered users on Panquake will enjoy a completely different experience!

We promise:

* The chance to talk to a real person

* No moderation-by-algorithm

* Transparent moderation practices, where content removal, account suspension or banning occurs transparently on the blockchain where all users can inspect our actions and examine our reasoning

* We won't falsely accuse you of actions you did not take - because every public user action will be recorded openly for everyone to see

* We will never tell you that you can't respond to us

You have told us again and again how desperately Panquake is needed in the social media space. But it's more than our product that will be such a warm relief to so many. It is our service.

We promise to serve you, not to just deliver a product then leave you high and dry or hanging on a limb when you need help and answers.

What Twitter is doing to the public is indefensible and there should be accountability. No entity should be able to eradicate people's communication history and harm their relationships arbitrarily, or worse, to lie about it and get away with it. They are blatantly anti-competitive and monopolistic. The public deserves better.

Panquake will usher in a new generation of social media that will put the user back in control. Where the onus is on us, the provider, to account for our actions, and not just on the user to account for theirs.

You are helping us to make that happen, and to bring it about more swiftly by donating to our amazing crowdfunding campaign here.

To all those everyday citizens who were involved in Panquake People only to discover that the avenue has been squashed, we are so sorry that Twitter has silenced your voice in this way. We promise to do much, much better by you than they have.

With love,

The Panquake Team


All social telecommunication platforms MUST be nationalized ! Free speech cannot be "privately" owned !! Public utilities MUST be PUBLIC !!

Roman Bielecki

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