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Our Biggest And Best Delivery To Date!
Update posted by Panquake Community On Apr 26

Dear Panquake Community,

Oops, we did it again! Another huge monthly delivery last Saturday night, one you definitely won't want to miss.

Mountains of new content was unleashed including:

* An exclusive look at our gorgeous new range of Panquake merchandise (available for purchase next month!)
* A presentation on all our new downloadable and printable content on our revamped Goodies page (check it out!)
* The unveiling of our new Tech section on our website, packed full of slides and videos
* A sneak peak at some of the commercial-grade back end build of Panquake, including technical documentation

The event also doubled as a skeptic's guide to Panquake - with Suzie Dawson and Sean O'Brien doing an extensive Q+A, answering all the questions that users have been reaching out to us to ask about Panquake.

The feedback since the event has been phenomenal. After reviewing our technical documentation, one viewer wrote on Facebook:

"In my 40 years as a software engineer, I have never had the privilege to work for a management team that has understood these development methods as well as Suzie Dawson does. It is almost enough to make me want to come out of retirement..."

Founder Suzie Dawson said: "It is so validating to receive this kind of feedback from professionals in the field. Multiple times now, we've seen that experts are recognising the level of skill and professionalism being displayed by the Panquake development team. We get why some other people have doubts. Too often startups tell you that they're designing something new and that they can walk on water. So skepticism is rational. Keep firing your questions at us and we are happy to continue to answer transparently and publicly how and why Panquake is different."

You can view the delivery event video on You Tube or here on Vimeo:

With us today breaking the $120,000 mark on the campaign fundraiser, Panquake is super close to completing our Phase 2 funding round. At the delivery event, Suzie Dawson confirmed that there are now four full time paid contractors working on Panquake and one part time paid contractor! All of this is because of the support of you and people like you! You are enabling this game changing solution being brought to us all. Thank you from our entire team for your love and support.

Please help us keep pushing this campaign forward. The sooner we can get this round complete and move into Phase Three, the sooner yummy little panquakes will be in your hands!!!

Encourage everyone you know to support our campaign by donating here. Like clockwork, we will keep delivering for you every single month. Because we are all working together to make this happen, a new social media future is ahead for us all and that is really special!

See you again soon,

- The Panquake Team

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