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Panquake Blasts To 118k - Only 50k To Go! Thanks AFK!
Update posted by Panquake Community On Apr 17

Dear Panquake Community,

Well they say it's always darkest before the dawn and my what a difference a week can make. As you know, we'd been struggling against censorship and various malevolent forces that many of you warned us we'd hit up against sooner or later.. but thankfully art, love and humanity have come to save the day!

An anonymous Norwegian street artist named "AFK" famous for provocative murals including several about major whistleblowers and publishers like Edward Snowden and Julian Assange, stunned us this week by giving Panquake its largest single donation to date!

Facilitated by Norwegian gallery "Gate Galleriet", the momentous donation was accompanied with the following message:

The work mentioned above, "Making A Martyr", is a deliciously ironic expression of support for Panquake, as the work signifies an allusion of crucifixion of a female politician in the context of a debate about freedom of expression. The artist's official website states, about the piece: "In this way [AFK] forced the public to reflect on what freedom of expression is and whether or not it should be restricted or censored."

The donation blasted Panquake through its first 100k milestone and all the way up to 118k - leaving slightly less than 50k to go until we meet our Phase Two fundraising target. This is so exciting for our team, our supporters and our Community - you! Our hard work is paying off, our ability to develop and deliver the product is ever strengthening and with your help we will hit the target and move into Phase three in no time!

Panquake Founder Suzie Dawson said: “I would like to acknowledge and thank the incredible Norwegian artist "AFK" & gallery Gate Galleriet who have made a hugely generous donation to Panquake. I am not just humbled but in shock actually, that such a talented and important artistic voice would know of Panquake or of my work, let alone support us in such a significant and profound way. News of this donation is a much deserved boost for our hardworking and dedicated team.”

Third Public Delivery Meeting Next Saturday

Panquake’s third monthly public delivery meeting is scheduled for Saturday 24th of April, at which Dawson and other team members will present updated project and campaign statistics and progresses to the Panquake Community. This will be your chance to track our progress along with us and see with your own eyes exactly where we are up to with delivering Panquake into your waiting hands.

The delivery video will be available at TalkLiberation.com from 9pm Eastern (US) next Saturday.

For a refresher on last month's delivery meeting please click here.

Thank you all so much for your abundant support and outreach efforts and for educating your friends and family about what Panquake is and why it is so important to support this project.

Our success truly is your freedom and the faster we hit our fundraising targets the faster we will be able to bring this much needed solution to the world.

See you next week,

- The Panquake Team

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