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Update 3 - 19 November
Update posted by Ryan Sze On Nov 19

19 Nov 10.30pm:

A final update on Jackie

Dear everyone

First and foremost, I want to thank everyone who has been there in this heart wrenching time. Potentially losing a loved one, 2 legged or 4, is always a traumatic experience - and this has been made even worse by the fact that it’s a hit-and-run with no real leads on the driver. I am aware that knowing who hit my Jackie and didn’t even stop to help will not bring her back, but I’m searching only for some hope that humanity and integrity still exists in this world. It’s also admittedly a bittersweet feeling because deep down I would not want that person to be doxxed as well, as from the past few days I’ve learned how cruel people can be online.

After reviewing the CT scans, the trauma that Jackie’s body has been through is far more extensive than we could have imagined. The scans revealed that the initial observations from the X-ray is only a fraction of what Jackie’s body has had to endure. Not only is she suffering from a spinal injury as initially thought, but there is significant nerve damage incl. a likely severed spinal cord, multiple internal organ damage, and continuous internal bleeding.

Any surgery plan would be extensive, likely requiring over 4-5 different surgeries that will need to be conducted separately. The increased risk of complications with every surgery (more worrying than the financial concerns), added to the uncertainty of whether she can survive even the first round and a possibility that it could also lead to full paralysis, makes this a very difficult decision. Blood donors would also likely be needed at each round, and finding a negative blood type donor (more rare than positive) will be challenging, and not to mention potentially cause discomfort and trouble to any donor dogs.

In summary, the overwhelming advice from not one vet but three, is that she only has a slim chance of surviving any surgery, and even then, any motor function afterwards would be slim to none.
With this in mind, even though the last thing you want to do is to say goodbye, these difficult circumstances coupled with the diagnosis and advice from multiple vets, we have all agreed that it will be the most humane choice to bring her home to spend her last days with the family. We have put her through enough, and we wish for her suffering to be short so that she can roam free in doggie heaven together with all the other goodest bois who have since passed. None of us are taking this decision lightly.

In this time, I have also reflected on the crowdfunding campaign I set up, read through the comments, and want to address the valid points. Putting aside what you as the public see from the outside - where you think I work and live - I can only reflect that I could have handled this better. Shock or trauma is no excuse for this, and I seek your understanding that I probably wasn’t in the right frame of mind when I set up the page, hence there may be a lack of information, for which I truly regret. As I have clarified in earlier comments, the initial estimate from Mt Pleasant upon admission after the X-ray was a ballpark of S$20k, which was provided based on the possibility of spinal surgery and diagnostic CT scans. Based on that, I had sought for support as I now faced a difficult financial situation. Without putting my family issues into the spotlight, I am the family’s sole breadwinner doing my best to support us all in this time. I only ask for your support and encouragement while I navigate through this painful journey with my family.

To the doubters, it has never been my intention to take advantage of the goodwill of others. I do not intend to use the funds raised to fully offset Jackie’s bills as ultimately she was my responsibility. Instead, half of the final bill will be offset by the funds raised, and I will cover the balance with the help of friends and family.

Any balance after that will be divided and donated in Jackie’s name to the following 7 no-kill dog shelters and animal charities: Animal Lovers League, Action for Singapore Dogs, Causes for Animals Singapore, Mutts & Mittens, Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter, Save Our Street Dogs, and SPCA. I’m hoping to pay it forward to help those who need it more than me. For receipts from Jackie’s medical bills, and screenshots of the donations, I will be updating all of this information on this page moving forward.

Lastly, I want to appeal for some kindness, and empathy. It is easy to sit behind your keyboard, make assumptions, and judge - everyone makes mistakes. But having experienced it firsthand myself, I can only tell you that words can cut deeper than you realise. I am choosing to focus on the silver lining, and appreciate that so many have reached out and offered assistance in terms of contacts, advice, and especially those who called the vet to offer to be on standby with their precious pups for blood donations if required for emergency transfusions - I will dwell on the kindness of these strangers instead.

Thank you for all your prayers and beautiful words, for your kindness and sharing the posts to spread the awareness in hopes we find the perpetrator, thank you to the dog community for coming together to offer your support, and thank you to those who have found it in your heart to give when you may also be wanting. Please take the time to hug your loved ones a little harder today, before it is time to say goodbye.

19 Nov 1.30pm:
Received the CT scan report from the vet. The damage is so much more extensive than we had initially thought. Among so many things: likely severed spinal cord, possible concurrent intraverterbral disc trauma, fractures, tears... the list goes on. I can’t imagine the pain Jackie is in right now.


Stay strong. Thanks for the update. Jackie will definitely be grateful to u for allowing her to come into your family. Even though she can’t stay any longer, I’m sure whatever decision u made for her, she will understand and grateful for your love for her. She will always be remembered in your heart and she will remember u always. U had tried to save her and u had made tough decisions. She will understand your love for her. Stay Strong Ryan. God Bless.

Anthony Ng

Update posted by Nov 19


Take heart.. I’m sure u did whatever u can. No matter what you do, someone is bound to judge. Its impt to brush away all these and focus on the good. Stay courageous and praying that God give u the strength that you need. 🙏🏻🙏🏻 You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. ~ Philippians 4:13

Jeannie Koh

Update posted by Nov 19

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