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Update 2 - 18 November
Update posted by Ryan Sze On Nov 18

18 Nov 8pm:
Thank you to all 305 of you that have donated, and to the many more that have sent prayers our way and kept Jackie in your thoughts. I’ve stopped the campaign, and will take the time to read through your comments and suggestions while we wait for an update from the vet. For full transparency, I’ll continue to update this post with the receipts, updates from Dr Chua. I also really want to thank people who have reached out and shared not only their experiences, but also their contacts who we will discuss with the Mt Pleasant vets on whether and how to seek a second opinion. I really didn’t expect this amount of support and it’s extremely overwhelming. Please accept my gratitude, I have been humbled by the love and support from strangers. Finally as I had earlier shared, I will not be expecting to pay off the bills fully with this campaign - I am planning to put in my own funds and the breakdown will be shared with everyone for full transparency. Please keep Jackie in your thoughts. Thank you and good night.

18 Nov 7pm:
CT scan has been done in the late afternoon, results are expected in 24-48 hours. The prognosis from Dr Chua as of 7 is still the same: lack of deep pain sensation persists. She’s recovering so unable to visit her this evening, but will visit Jackie again tomorrow afternoon. Thankfully, red blood cell count is stable so a transfusion is not required - Jackie is negative type blood which is harder to find a donor dog. I’ve also received an update from the clinic that some kind samaritans have called in to offer transfusions from their dogs if required - for that I will be forever grateful.

18 Nov 5.30pm:
Have posted the vet’s initial assessment in the comments below, which is what I’ve also used for submission in the police report. The estimated cost of surgery which was provided by Dr Chua upon admission to MP is around S$20k and up, hence the target amount I had originally set up. All receipts will be posted once received. The Allpets receipt (which is where Jackie was brought immediately upon the accident) will also be posted in the comments shortly. Thank you all for your kind words.

18 Nov 2.30pm:
I have posted the itemized bill as of now in the comments below as I can’t add a photo to the post. To all who have been supportive - words cannot truly express how much I really appreciate it. To the dissenters - I hope that this is enough to change your hearts, and I genuinely hope you’ll never have to experience the same hurt I’m going through now.

18 Nov 2pm:
Based on the vet's (Dr Chua) recommendation, we will proceed with the CT scan for 3 zones to fully assess the situation. An X-ray has already been done on admission but he has advised that the CT is the best course of action before we make the next decision. The initial estimate he has given is S$3k+ for the CT on top of the S$3k+ already spent for admission and stabilisation at All Pets Seletar and Mt Pleasant Jalan Gelenggang. Once I have the itemised bills, I will update the post with the photos. Thanks all so far for your support.


Hey Ryan, it’d be a good idea to share verifiable proof to assure legitimacy to all the naysayers :)

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