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31/12/2020 - Rishi & Leapvista Saga | The End. & FULL Refunds.
Update posted by Rishi Kz On Dec 31

To all my dear backers - THANK YOU.

In recent times, this case has gone out of the public eye into full legal matters & there's been tons of exchanges between both Leapvista & myself through our lawyers. There was a period of time where I couldn't update anything on social media or any platforms due to ongoing legal discussions up until Leapvista suggested we have a face-to-face meeting alongside our lawyers.

In this video, I explain everything that's been going on & clarify facts of the case of where both points of views were coming into play. Additionally, there hasn't been any form of lawsuits involved till date which also means none of the crowdfunding money was used for my personal legal fees.

Keeping in mind the crowdfunding agenda was to fight a lawsuit, I will officially be refunding the full amount as per what you donated in a separate video in just a couple of days! I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who took their time & effort to help me in whatever way you did. I can't be more thankful & appreciative for everything!

Here's to starting the new year fresh. Cheers!

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