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UPDATE 1 - 151120: Funds & Discussions with Lawyers.
Update posted by Rishi Kz On Nov 14

To all the backers for this entire campaign - I reach out to you wholeheartedly & THANK YOU for the immense support that you have given these past 2 days.

Within just 48 hours, we gathered more than a 1000 people donating to the entire campaign which doesn't just happen for no rhyme & reason.

These numbers translate into a much bigger issue which is meant to be discussed thoroughly in the eyes of the public.

I have since engaged a lawyer & there's major updates coming as soon as next week. I will gather as much information as possible, which I can publicly release & summarize it all up into a video update!

Once again - Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- Rishikrz.


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Update posted by Nov 21


Noticed that all videos are taken down, please update us your current situation.

Daniel Ng

Update posted by Nov 19



John Tan

Update posted by Nov 16


hey bro- u might wanna do a video on the CEO of leap vista - known scammer apparently - did a crowd funding on indiegogo site few years ago- made 1.7mil never delivered.. google steve tan - kreyos watch scam

shanti k

Update posted by Nov 15


Congratulations on achieving your funding goal

Yusri Shaggy Sapari

Update posted by Nov 15


Stay Strong brother!!! 💪 Never back down.

Kai Ren Tay

Update posted by Nov 14

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