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Update posted by Aaron Sachowitz On Nov 24

Thank you to everyone who donated to help my father. I have been meaning to post an update since I returned from Greece, but been so distracted with everything that I've put it off time and again. I was able to rush the process of getting Nikos cremated in Greece, something apparently that only became possible about a year ago, as cremation is forbidden by the Greek Orthodox Church and that is the official religion of Greece. Prior to late 2019, they would export bodies to Bulgaria for cremation! Still, I was able to have him cremated in Greece and received the necessary paperwork and clearance to bring his ashes back with me to the US. Getting all of this done during the week I was in Athens ate up the majority of the donations. I have them here in my house. In the next few weeks I'll be cleaning out Nikos apartment, donating many things, while also keeping what I can so that my family can weave him into our everyday lives as we see a piece of his artwork, use a favorite knife, or clip on his leather fanny pack. Wish me luck, he lived in that apartment for more than 40 years, so there's a lot crammed in there.

Given COVID, I have decided to hold off on a memorial service for Nikos. Instead, I am hoping to have a celebration of his life next November 6th, which will be right between his birthday, November 1st and the day of his death, November 8th. More info forthcoming (I've saved a record of all the donations so can email everyone). The leftover funds from donations that haven't been spent on his cremation and the costs associated with traveling to Greece (though mostly that was covered by airline miles) will be saved for this memorial party so it can have the kind of spread Nikos would be proud of. In the meantime, this great obituary was written for the Bay Area Reporter: https://www.ebar.com/news/news/299125


Aaron, Thanks-you for all you have done for Nikos. We all appreciate it. Please consider donating any writings, photos, videos, etc. that relate to Gay history and Nikos’ life as a Gay man to the SF LGBT Historical Society or the Hormel Center at the SF Public Library. If you need any help please feel free to contact me. Much love to you and your family.

Joey Cain

Update posted by Nov 25


I live down the street and can help some if you need it. Thank you for all you have done and are doing. Hugs!

Jokie Wilson

Update posted by Nov 25


Thank you so much, Aaron. Bless you for taking such good care of Nikos’ remains and of his estate. It is clear why you meant so much to him. I am sure there are many LGBTQ history collections, from the Smithsonian to that in SF Public Library, that will find many of Nikos’ writings and videos of value. It sure would be great to get some of them up before they get sequestered away in a collection. I am sure some of my fellow GLFers who contributed to the fund have thoughts as to which places are best, should you wish to go that route. Love to you, jason

Jason Victor Serinus

Update posted by Nov 24

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