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Update from Thursday Morning 10/29
Update posted by Aaron Sachowitz On Oct 29

Around midnight SF time/9am Thursday in Greece I was finally able to talk briefly with a doctor in the ICU of the Laiko hospital in Athens, where Nikos is recovering from surgery. They have stopped the sedation for Nikos and are waiting for him to wake up from his medically induced coma. He's taking longer to wake up and be responsive then they would like, so they can't yet start weaning him from the ventilator. They are worried about this, but his vitals (blood pressure and oxygen, liver function) seem good, which is encouraging. This means he is still in critical but stable condition and so I am worried but still have hope. Thank you all for your support.


Thanks for the update Aaron. For the last 4 decades, Nikos has been a very active participant in the Radical Fairy community here in San Francisco and the West Coast. I sent out the call for donations to various RF lists and it looks like folks are helping out. I’ll pass along your update.

Joey Cain

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