Updates on Soulful contributions helps feed more homeless, supports the production of the movie “Hungry” & helps us to relocate operations.

Two great souls sharing on Facebook - and we thank them!
Update posted by Richard Furlong On Oct 26

It is heart-warming to see others share what we are doing. THANK YOU so much Joni.

"Incredible what my friend of 39 years is doing. Bobby D. is a kind, caring soul, he always has looked out for other people, making sure no one is left out. Thank you for helping make a difference in our world, for being kind and compassionate. You're a wonderful person Bobby Dignard! Hugs to you."

Joni, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

"My very good friend Bob Dignard is giving back in Brazil. Please take a few moments to read the story of Meals Out Brazil. And... if you feel so moved, please offer assistance."

Kerry McCord, Florida, USA

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