Updates on Soulful contributions helps feed more homeless, supports the production of the movie “Hungry” & helps us to relocate operations.

A heartfelt thank you to all who are sharing the campaign on their FB wall.
Update posted by Richard Furlong On Oct 22

Yesterday was day 2 of the campaign, and Bobby's friends and a long lost relative (cousin who just recently connected with him) began sharing with heartfelt notes. We thank you so much for your amazing support.

"If you like and you can, please support Bobby D with this crowdfunding campaign. Bobby has put an amazing program together to assist homeless people and to help to feed them with over 2000 meals delivered (a lot by Bobby personally) and this new project is all about the continuation of delivering meals to the homeless, as well as to create a film about it all, which will be inspiring for many people.

Meanwhile we are working on a new initiative to support Wolf Entertainment and it's artists, more about that soon 🙂"

Hellmut Wolf, founder of http://www.wolfentertainment.com.au/

"I have known Bobby for some time now, and I have known of his many challenges since moving to Brazil, but that hasn't stopped him from feeding the homeless. Now he needs our help. Thank you for any help you can provide! Blessings upon you! "

Jan aka Losha, South Dakota, USA http://livewithlosha.com

"Thanks to technology and Facebook, I reconnected with my long lost cousin with whom I used to spend my young summer holidays between Ottawa & Cornwall.

To my surprise he's spending most of his days helping the homeless in Brazil and has grown his operation in hope to make a difference in this crazy world. He needs all the help we can offer so im glad to share his initiative and his crowdfunding page! Have a look guys! Truly a down to earth guy trying to make a difference in the world!"

Dan Boulerice, Orleans, Ontario, Canada
Remax Realty Team http://DanBoulerice.com

"My friend Bobby Dignard is doing some great work feeding the hungry in Brazil. He's doing a fundraiser for support. Take a look, it's for a great and worthy cause."

Mark Stogdill, New Jersey, USA
CEO of Brain Sandwich Games


My good buddy and old audio business partner, Bobby Dignard, has created a social movement in Brazil where he is distributing free meals to the many homeless people of this country, It started in Rio de Janeiro and now moving on to Sao Paolo, to continue his generous work and promoting others to do the same. It is called MEALSOUT.ORG and he is now seeking to raise funding to further develop this humanitarian project.

I've know Bobby D for more than 40 years and I know his heart is really at a good place and that his deeds are spiritually driven and consciously based. I would encourage you to visit his fundraising site as well as view his short video explaining exactly what is being done in South America and what your financial help can achieve to help needy people.

Please take just a few minutes to check it out, even if its only to send him a note of encouragement for his relentless efforts to make a difference in the world."

Gino Salotti, Montreal Quebec, Canada

"Dear Friends. This is an unusual post for me but I need your support! My good friend Bobby Dignard has set up Crowdfunding campaign asking for donations for his charity organization to feed homeless people in Brazil called 'Meals Out Brazil.' He and his volunteers have already delivered 2133 meals to homeless people but obviously without money these unfortunate people can't be fed. Please kindly make a donation however large or small! You can read all about Bobby's story and the wonderful work he's doing (and make a donation) by clicking on the link below. I thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity! God bless you!" (y)

James Colah, London England, https://jamescolahproductions.com/

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