Updates on Soulful contributions helps feed more homeless, supports the production of the movie “Hungry” & helps us to relocate operations.

Wednesday October 21st Update
Update posted by Richard Furlong On Oct 21

The campaign official launched yesterday. We are so grateful and want to thank those who made contributions spearheaded by Hellmut Wolf from France. The other two soulful contributors want to remain anonymous and that is ok, we know who you are. A BIG THANK YOU goes out to you as well.

We added to the story today because MOST people just don't know how Meals Out came about and WHY this campaign is critically needed.

Remember to share and when you do, add a personal message on your Facebook wall and what is your connection to Meals Out because this is driven by SOCIAL networking and human connection and real relationships.

Will keep you updated on the progress of the campaign.


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