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Update posted by Bojan Skol On Oct 05

Rent costs me 400€ per month plus costs and so on. Health insurance, school and other costs are payed if I can. My junger boy has lungs problems and needs monthly check ups which costs and my older boy just wants to play handball but I can not afford it 😔😔. Love them more than life and want to be there for them but I am loosing hope. Want to go on my own with hospitality the thing I know the best and open a company for learning. Want to buy a small apartment to start living on my own and have my 2 ❤️ by my side more often. Bit I can not even get 5000€ credit 😔. My life is falling appart and suacide is my best solution since I do not know what to do 😔🤍. I am not dumm or similar but born under a strange star and need help. Each and every donation is sent from God and my ❤️ is thankfull. The ammount I need to rase is big since I owe a lot and yes time is running out to pay back. I am a hard working person that was doing a lot of hard labour work thru school. Please help me survive ro be there for my boys and my mother 🙏❤️. God bless you.

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