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What if we don't make the amount? + some more info
Update posted by Amaryllis DeRaps On Oct 09

What if we don't make the goal amount?

I just wanted to address this since some friends and concerned individuals have been asking. Even if we don't make the amount, we are still going to move. We already have our moving van reserved, and now were just finishing the last of our packing! The moving van costs more than half of the amount we have set up as our goal, but we will make do even if we don't make it!

Also! Some have asked, Why can't you go to the police and make a report?

The simple answer is, we can't.

Almost every altercation before the threats were with me and the individual alone. There is no evidence other than my own word, which will not be enough since as stated in the description, my mental illnesses are used as an excuse and I'm made out to be "crazy". Making them sadly have more merit over me word wise and power over the system. Since the altercation and afterwards, I've been doing my best to avoid contact with pretty much almost everyone, but especially the individual who wants(ed) to harm me. I've been doing my best to not allow myself to be alone when they are present, and only be near others now too. I've also been trying to get audio recordings, rather than video, since it is easier to do and less noticable. Just the other day I heard them talking about how they wanted to smack their girlfriend and how tired they were of them. I have a recording of it, but not where they actually say how they wanted to harm them. (Started recording right after I heard them talk) so it's still not enough evidence sadly. And I don't want it to get to the point where I have to get injured or harmed physically in order for that to be "enough evidence " which is why we're still moving regardless if we meet the goal or not.


we're halfway packed! A lot of my crafting materials have been stored, and clothes, now I just need personal belongings and the few shelves we'll be taking along with us. My spouse is just finishing their last day of work today, and will start helping to finish packing next week. We're also going to be buying some new bed sheets and our own cooking ware. Simple necessities. (I made us pillows so were good on those) it's just a bit overwhelming right now, but I'm sure we will get everything done in time for the move.


Our final section is health! Physically I'm not doing so great, I'm not really getting adequate sleep due to the nightmares and insomnia and in turn that affects me mentally as well. My dissasociating isnt as heavy as before, yet I still am dissacosiating. I'm doing the best I can though. Counting down the days until I can be safe, away from the stress of always having to watch my back. Hopefully I might start doing better then. Spouse is also taking a toll mentally, this whole move is a lot to take in, and with the planning too, and of course that shocking and disturbing realization that you own family wants to harm your spouse too and it is definitely not safe anymore for either of us to stay. We're both doing our best to be there for each other and look forward to moving to an actual real safe place. Where we'll both be treated as people rather than machines, or in my case, something inhuman.

That's our weekly update! Thank you for reading and we thank you for all the support you have given us so far! It really does mean so much to us. More than we can describe with words.

We have about one more week to go and we'll still keep you updated!

Remember to take care of yourselves and be safe!

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