Updates on Help Muhammad Imran Setup his business lost due to COVID-19

Help Muhammad Imran get his bussniess back
Update posted by Hafiz Muhammad Miraj On Sep 28

Muhammad imran is a common labour in the area of Lahore, Pakistan. He is the sole breed earner of his family. He has four children, one wife, two brother and two sister to breed. He lives in a rental house.

In March 2020 his ankle fractured while while liading flour sacks on a 22 wheeler Wagon. His main source of income is labouring. Now he is on bed from 6 months and not been able to work.

He have to pay his house rent, Electricity bills and other basic needs. 5000$ required for his ankle surgery and also we have to help him gettung some bussiness.

He can run a utility shop easily

Let's join our hands to help him get hus ankle operation and also help him setting up his bussiness.

Please donate more janerously as you can and also spread the world as much as you can

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