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Friday 2nd October
Update posted by Sermpanya Foundation On Oct 02

It's so heartening to see the support continuing and growing! Thank you for helping at this very challenging time! Mary


Mary - thank you so much for the great work you & the foundation are doing. I think we often tend to give short shrift to the importance of the arts (in all forms) to the human condition. Here in the States the arts are always the first to lose funding when the Government starts enforcing austerity in our school systems. The arts are especially important under autocratic regimes like what is in place in Myanmar. Just today Human Rights Watch is calling the elections there "fundamentally flawed". At any rate, I know that one aspect of your work is getting cameras into the hands of those in the refugee camps and getting them involved in film-making. I did not see any link in the story page of where we can see those films. How are they distributed outside of Sermpanya/Thailand/Myanmar? Thanks again and all the best of luck in this campaign. ♥

Fiona Anne Stiller

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