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Im a breadwinner that need also a Help
Update posted by Jennifer Bautista On Sep 25

Hello, I am jennifer bautista. Im 29 years old, Living in Sta Cruz Metro Manila.

I am a mother of 2, 10years old and a 7months old baby. I currently no work since lockdown started.

My father is already death since 2017.

And im living with my mother and 2 sons.

I am the one who support our family, Im the one want to give what they need.

Im asking for help because im diagnose having bells palsy and recommend to see neurology.

Also got ederma since i give birth to my youngest son, They want me to undergo some medical laboratory to determine what is cause of my foot ederma.

Im knocking on your heart to help us, Im badly need something to support my medication and my family.

please help me to have money to start business for my medication and my family .


Please help me to be brave and strong to fight for my two kids.

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