Updates on Immediate Appendectomy for JM

Scheduled operation and recovery
Update posted by Jennelyn Clidoro On Sep 16

JM was scheduled for an appendectomy, September 15 and we all prayed so he can survive this greatest challenge. The doctor explained that he was injected with anesthesia on his spine so they could numb from lower extremities up to the chest. He was positioned in his side and awake while surgery is ongoing.

He was brought in the operating room around 5:58 pm and at around 7:37 pm, the surgery was over and he was brought to the recovery room under observation. The doctor advised me to wait until his anesthesia subsided. Around 1 am (September 16) he might be brought to the ward if he can already move his legs. They also did a swab test so they can check the status of COVID too. We have to wait a maximum of 14 days for the latter result.

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