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Support Mohammed Ariz Shamsi for Medical treatment and Pay off Medical bills#
Update posted by Azhar Pasha On Sep 05

Appeal to support Mohammed Ariz Shamsi for Medical treatment and Pay off Medical bills#

Rahbar Foundation has received a request from the very needy family of Mohammed Ariz Shamsi to support his medical needs and pay off his medical dues along with ongoing treatment expenses.

Brother Mohammed Shamsi had a major heart attack two months back (May Allah protect all of us with such unfortunate incident, Ameen). He lives in Bareilly Uttar Pradesh with his wife, two children and mother. Also, two years back he met with an accident and fell from 1st floor and got his right leg severely damaged with two iron rods installed with major surgery. This unfortunate accident was not enough as he has been struck with a major heart attack two months back and lost all his savings in medical expenses. Now, his business is running out due to his health issues and COVID-19 situation. His monthly expenses on medicine is approximately $150 (Rs 10,000) and he has zero income at this moment due to his broken business.

He used to be a supplier of goods and earn his bread and butter. Altogether the family is in need of $7,000 only to fulfill his medical expenses and resume his small business to feed the family and fulfill his children's educational expenses.The family is poor and eligible to receive Zakat & Sadaqah. Your small contribution will make a big impact on his health, the family and make their life smooth.

The expenses breakup are as follows:

  • Pay off Medical Bills-$950
  • Immediate medicine expenses -$750
  • Children Education - $850
  • Resume Broken business - $2500
  • Family Support - $600
  • Pay off the loan taken for surgery -$1350

Please help Mohammed Ariz Shamsi and his family with your Zakat and Sadaqah funds and earn reward from Allah SWT. Please donate generously as the amount is not very big, but the result is life-altering. With your contribution these deserving kids can continue their education and get meals on the table. May Allah accept your donations and reward you and your family with good health and prosperity. All your donations are tax deductible with Tax Exempt ID 47-3151781 of Rahbar Foundation. You can also double your donation by matching with your company.


DONATE - Give your Zakat and Sadaqah in this urgent and worthy cause. Donate generously, and be assured that even the smallest donation—with sincerity—can make a big impact.

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May Allah reward you for your efforts. You can also send your donation checks to the address given below.

PO BOX # 803201

Best Regards
Azhar Pasha
CEO, Rahbar Foundation

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