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Andreas Smaragdis, Photographer
Update posted by Anastasia Kadrevi On Jul 30

Andreas Saragdis was born in Crete, in a small village in Psiloritis, in 1947.

He apprenticed, and later collaborated with the internationally acclaimed photographer Dimitris Harissiadis. He has worked as a stage photographer in film and television, in theatrical and television productions, in advertising.

Andreas Smaragdis has photographed archaeological themes and artwork, and has been involved in aerial photography and CD ROM production.

He has been awarded by Hellenic Tourism Organization for the quality of the tourist-artistic photography.

Awarded the 3rd World Photography Award for his work "Tsikoudia - Cretan Spirit"

He supports our campaign with three monumental photo albums:

Magical Greece

Tsikoudia - Cretan Spirit


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