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Be The Light For Andrei
Update posted by Kristine Joy Perez On Jun 16

It all started when the Taal Volcano erupted and we’re one of the victims. Andrei, a 7-year-old kid shows everyone how terrified he was. He even wants to follow his parents who’s working Abroad (specifically in Saudi Arabia). After 3 weeks, classes have began, and on the first day, his Grandma got a call from his adviser (she’s the one who’s taking care of him) telling her that Andrei needs to go home as his head was aching. As soon as he got home, he climbed up the bed and take a rest. After a while, he woke up and said he was already fine. Tomorrow morning, it happened again. And they were worried about his condition. After a week of observation, it didn’t happen again. In the end of February, the cheerful and energetic Andrei turns into a moody one. Lazy eyes, he can hardly speak, and can’t eat properly. They rushed him to the hospital and consulted a doctor. The EEG result was “Traumatic disorder”. They thought it’s just because of the eruption. As days passed by, he’s condition got worse. His mother flew back to the Philippines, leaving her job in Saudi Arabia to take care of her son. Andrei can barely walk as the right part of his body got paralyzed. He can’t eat solid foods, he only drinks milk. His blood pressure goes up and down. They decided to admit him at the Hospital. He, once again was rushed in the hospital (Lipa Medix Medical Center) and was admitted. (That day, his father flew to the Philippines too. Leaving all their life in Saudi) The doctor then referred them to transfer Andrei to a Regional Hospital (Batangas Regional Hospital). There, he was admitted in the ICU. They did CT scans and MRI. And there they found out what really is his condition. Intracranial mass probably brainstem glioma (Usually, by the time brain stem glioma is diagnosed, it is most often diffuse. This means it has spread freely through the brain stem. This type of tumor is typically very aggressive, meaning that it grows and spreads quickly) a tumor that can’t be remove because it was located at the sensitive part of the brain. After 2 weeks of being admitted in the said hospital, there was no progress so they decided to transfer him into another hospital in Manila On March 22, 2020, he was transferred to Philippine Children’s Medical Center in Quezon City. There, he got intubated because he got complications. He underwent an emergency ventriculoperitoneal shunt (which costs 800,000 pesos, we can still afford to pay it that time) As mentioned earlier, his parents leave their jobs in Saudi Arabia and his family can’t afford to pay more as his bills continue to increase so they decided to get help from the charity (where they can get discounts). Last week, June 8, 2020 to be exact, he got tracheostomy insertions. Until now, he was still admitted in the ICU and he was comatose. 3 Months of being admitted, his hospital bills/medical costs already totalling a couple million pesos (1,032,363.01 tentative). We also need to purchase ventilator (200,000)second hand, oxygen(14,000), and sanction machine (7000) so that we can bring him home and start his radio therapy approximately amounting to (200,000). We are knocking on your kind hearts. Please help us raise the much-needed fund. Any amount you can donate is sincerely appreciated. I hope you help us to go through this challenge. It means so much to Andrei’s family. Thank you for your kind hearts! God bless you

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