May 25, 2020 at 02:40 pm

!Ahla Fawda's campaign!

Update posted by Imane Assaf

Since the beginning of the corona virus outbreak, we’ve been able to visit 46 cities and villages donating over 1400 food parcels and 400 hygiene kits to those in need.

The crises in our country is not just about corona, its also about the collapse of the economy.
Every penny we receive counts!

There are 3 ways to help us with our campaign: - By buying products of your choice on Just help- Ahla fawda
- Donating money on Go Get Funding- Ahla Fawda - Contacting us on Instagram or Facebook on ways to donate cash: @ahlafawda

Our goal is not about how many boxes we deliver it’s about how long we can sustain doing what we’re doing.
We need YOUR help. Donate today

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