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Excited! Meeting with the code and zoning person today :)
Update posted by carol williams On Sep 15

So excited to be meeting with the cities coding and zoning person today. After all the research, we have started to look at, the Arched Cabin designs as an option. They come in multiple sizes, and colors, which is ideal. Not sure if they would work, but in terms of creating a community for artists, they just might be a great alternative. Take a look...

They are energy efficient, the body is pre manufactured and costs around $10,000 (including shipping, floor plans, upgraded color selections, and top grade insulation.) This is without the interior built out.

Its starts with a frame, that one person can build depending on the size. The larger ones need at least two to three people to build/put together.

It can be built on a foundation, trailer or basement.

The best part is that you can have French doors that bring in tons of light and brings the outdoors in and vice versa. I love the idea of having porches that wrap around, but we are also looking at perma culture design, and gardens meandering throughout the property, in terms of the landscape.

The insides are roomy and with the vaulted ceilings you can build a bedroom loft to separate living from sleeping areas.

The inside can be built to a home owners own special needs or specifications. Maintenance is null once built and can be designed to be completely off grid. Hopefully, this particular model can be one of our model options.

The other thing that is appealing about them is that you can also custom tailor the inside to fit the needs of the occupant. It could be a contemporary style house or like in this pic a rustic style.

The cool thing with a prefab exterior design, is that you really can make the insides your own because it comes as a blank canvas. Once we settle on a design, the goal is to work with each artist in terms of their desires and wishes for the feel of what they want to see designed in their space.

They can be built anywhere, due to the steel exterior and top grade insulation, there is no sound of rain, very warm inside and can whether any storm.

Currently, we know (from our architects schematics) that we can fit between 5 to 8 tiny houses on the land we currently have. This would make a great model site to show what could be accomplished in a tiny space.

Well, that's it for my update! Hoping and fingers crossed this could be a model worth considering. Will keep ya posted on what's going to actually be possible according to zoning and codes, on the land we have. Not sure if this has been done in Washington (currently, researching and have emailed Arched Cabins to see if there are any in WA that we can go see up close and personal.) If it has been done here before, its going to make the permit process go really fast...thanks for reading til the end!

Have an awesome day :)

Thought I'd share some of the video links if you are interested in seeing more and how they are actually built.

Website Link: The Actual Arched cabin Design

Website Link: This video is how a couple turned their land into Arched Cabin Air BNB's

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