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Sanctuary news: Angel goes to the vet :(
Update posted by Jacqueline Barros On May 19

Over the weekend, Angel had watery eyes and they started to look a bit swollen. We tried a few things at home but nothing worked so on Monday morning we took him to the vet. He has an infection in the upper gums/teeth that has gone up to both eyes, He wouldn't let the vet draw blood so he had to be sedated. After bloodwork was done the vet also diagnosed him with anemia, and explained it could due to lack of enough iron in his diet so he will be eating 1 or 2 cans of HILLS A/D per week. He was given shots of vitamins, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory. He'll have to continue treatment at home for 2 weeks and then we'll have to take him to a followup visit. New bloodwork will be needed in 4 weeks to check on his anemia.

Your support is now more important than ever!

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