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Support Emergency Relief for Delhi Riot Victims#
Update posted by Azhar Pasha On Mar 07

Urgent appeal to Support Emergency Relief for Delhi Riot Victims#

As you all know that recently the communal riots have occurred in North East Delhi which had led to more than 50 lives mostly Muslims and millions' worth of property was burned down.The Rahbar Foundation team is working on the ground to study the damages and losses. As per them still, there is uncertainty among the victim families who do not want to return to their gutted homes. There are hundreds of families who have lost everything. Their homes were burnt down and their belongings were looted and destroyed. Now they don't have even shelter to stay and facing problems to feed the family and children. Such affected families are currently camping in churches, Sikh Gurudwara`s and Relief Tents as many local Masjids were also damaged and burn down. The Hindutva radical mobs have attacked the Muslims community and their homes. The Muslims were beaten to death mercilessly even the Delhi police did not come to their help. May Allah protect these victims and provide a good source for living. The Rahbar Foundation Is extending the humanitarian support to families Who have lost everything. We wanted to deliver the relief material so that they should be able to eat and feed their children. We are planning to deliver kits consist of Kitchen Utensils, Cooking Stove, Dining ware, Blankets and Food bags for one month. The cost of each kit is around $100 only. Insha'Allah with your $100 sponsorship you are supporting the entire family and providing food for one month. It is a noble Sadaqah Jaria effort. Please participate in emergency relief efforts and gain rewards. Please ease their pain and hardship by sponsoring at least one family with a donation of $100. To sponsor two families $200 and Five families with $500. The generous donors can sponsor as many families as they wish. The target is to support 250 families who have lost everything even the loved ones from their families. You can donate Zakat and Sadaqah as these victims are eligible. You can donate any amount if you can't sponsor one family.

Please sponsor Emergency relief Kits (Kitchen Utensils, Cooking Stove, Dining ware, Blankets and Food Bags for one month).

One Family $100

Two Families $200

Five Families $500

Ten Families $1000

May Allah accept your donations and reward you and your family with good health and prosperous life. Ameen! All your donations are tax-deductible with Tax-exempt ID 47-3151781 of Rahbar Foundation.

Please forward this appeal to your friends and contacts and gain more rewards from Allah SWT. All your donations are tax-deductible with Tax Exemption Id 47-3151781 of Rahbar Foundation. To double your donations please do match with your company.

How You Can Help!

DONATE- Give your Zakat and Sadaqah in this urgent and worthy cause. Donate generously, and be assured that even the smallest donation—with sincerity—can make a big impact.

SHARE - Please share this campaign with family, friends, and your community. Ask those you know—with your own personal appeal—to support this campaign.

MAKE DU’A - Success is only from Allah Most High, so your dua’s are of immense value. May Allah reward you and your family immensely good health and prosperous life. Ameen!!

Please visit the photo gallery on our website to see our activities and accomplishments. You can also send your donation checks to the address given below.


PO BOX # 803201

Best Regards,

Azhar Pasha
CEO, Rahbar Foundation

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