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Safe Sets Fundraiser Update 3-11-20
Update posted by Lara Dale On Mar 12

I am beyond joyful at the overwhelmingly positive and proactive response to this fundraiser. Angels from all over the community are sending their love and support and I am so excited to be planning for this trip. Much love to Cynthia, Mark, Tim, I can't wait to get to London and send you all updates about the training and how everything transpires. FYI I do want to let everyone know that I am fully aware of the potential for travel restrictions and am monitoring everything closely, but so far my contacts in the US and the UK say I just need to observe all the basic safety rules and if for any reason the workshop has to be cancelled I am automatically slotted for the next session. All monies raised over the necessary amount will be applied to the work I do when I get back to NM to get this protocol established and help make New Mexico the safest state in the country for film talent and crew.

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