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FOR-US Update: February & March Financing
Update posted by Shannon Kroner On Feb 20

Thank you for your generous donations.

With your generous contributions, FOR-US has been able to fund important travel to meetings involving major government & religious leadership at the International Religious Freedom Roundtable and the National Prayer Breakfast. While in Washington DC, FOR-US presented an Initiative Letter asking President Trump to honor the First Amendment and protect religious vaccine exemptions. In only two weeks we have been able to gather over 30,000 signatures (and counting). Your generous donations have also helped fund admission for FOR-US into the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), where we will continue meeting and educating those who can influence policy change.

Our team is humbled and grateful for your support, and setting our sights higher to fund our future goals in protecting our religious freedom. Several of these goals include:

- A public panel discussion tentatively scheduled for Spring 2020 in Washington D.C., with religious leaders answering the question "Are vaccine mandates an infringement on religious liberty?"

- Travel funds for trips in March to Washington D.C., to attend the International Religious Freedom Roundtable, finalizing the Letter Initiative and presenting the total number of signatures. Additionally, FOR-US has been invited to attend a private, high-level meeting involving policy makers to discuss vaccine mandates and religious freedom.

- Educational materials and resources for the congregations of our religious leader coalition, including information translated to other languages, serving immigrant and overseas communities about religiously relevant information on vaccinations.

- A travel fund for our religious leader coalition members to be flown in to meet with and educate policy makers in states that are struggling to maintain their religious vaccine exemptions, and to help protect our religious freedoms.

FOR-US would be grateful if you consider making us a part of your monthly giving, to help us grow sustainably and be able to plan for the future. FOR-US already has several events in the pipeline, that are strategic in protecting our freedoms. Whether you can spare a couple of dollars per month, or something more substantial, please donate through our GoGetFunding fundraiser of if you'd like to give monthly donations please click here: https://forunitedsolutions.org/donate


Dr. Shannon Kroner

Executive Director

Freedom Of Religion - United Solutions (FOR-US)

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