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Thursday 13th February
Update posted by Rex Sumner On Feb 12

We have to wait for the previous group to finish with the croc, and I recognise that they are professional and unlikely to fail. I do not know their methods, but I didn't like the way they hauled a croc around concrete with a rope. They don't want anything to do with anybody else and that's fine with me.

Nevertheless, they have a track record and should succeed, so we shall stop this campaign and refund the money already donated. More than a year since I first planned to come and there is already a team here 😂🤣😂.

In the meantime, I have met a number of local officials and been taken to meet the Bupati of Parigi Moutong, this regency extending up the neck of Sulawesi. Beautiful, with the mountains crammed up against 470km of white sand beaches.

Apart from economic support to the coconut industry - biggest producer of coconut oil in Indonesia and with the capacity to make Virgin cold pressed oil - they are rich in wildlife.

So there is more we can do to help than tourism. The official responsible for arranging wildlife reserves is taking us around, and they like the idea of making the Palu river a reserve.

How does this tour sound: arrive in Palu, boat trip to see crocodiles. Evening meal with wild crocodiles coming to be fed in front of you. Next day drive over the mountains, enormous views, and stop to feed wild Black Crested macaque with local fruit. Overnight in a small hotel where tarsier come out at 7pm to jump around catching insects. Visit a waterfall where flying lizards play in the updraught. Come down to a reserve with over a hundred megalithic statues, up to 4m tall. And at times stop to swim in the sea on the equator. I forgot to mention the lobster.

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