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Day 1 in Palu, morning
Update posted by Rex Sumner On Feb 10

At breakfast this morning we met with the Governor of Central Sulawesi, who is also the hereditary Raja of Palu, a Kaili, and has a connection to the crocodile.

He is delighted that the Raja has arrived with a team and given his blessing and permission for our presence to help release the crocodile.

Separately, we have been asked not to perform any rituals which may upset the local people, the Kaili, who believe a Buginese Ritual caused the tsunami. Tensions everywhere, and we endeavour to appease all sides.

This afternoon we shall go to the river.

From left, Raja Parigi, Rex Sumner, Raja Samu Samu, Dr Muhammad Rusly, Gubernur Drs Longki Djanggola, Member of Indonesian Council, Bernard Marsh, Corey Wild.

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