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The trip is now confirmed. Thank you to our first backer!
Update posted by James Marshall On Jan 25

We are so grateful to our first backer who has pledged $200 towards the first Pubbets Charity Visit to Cambodia.

This amount will cover the mini-van and driver hire, plus accomodation for 8 students and the I See I Do charity coordinator, Kim. The students will be staying in a secure private dormitory and Kim and I will be in a separate room at the same place.

We are hoping to take the students to a wonderful Khmer culture music and performance show in the evening, and will also do some other sightseeing together during the visit.

I'll be volunteering my time to provide ESL and puppetry training for the students, who will take these new skills back to their province to use in the charity school program. I am also going to take ESL resources and some Pubbet puppets for them to use in the school centre.

Any further funds raised past this point will be used to pay for the students and coordinator food/drinks, plus a big shopping trip to the commercial market where will load up the mini-van with food, clothing, medical supplies and school resources to send back with the kids.

Thank you for your interest and support in this project. Every little bit helps!

You can read more about the Pubbets charity program at www.pubbets.net/charity

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