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Help Nyathuon Gweno community Permaculture Children's to buy seeds and watercans.
Update posted by Joseph Otieno Awino On Jan 07

So the main purpose of this project is to provide a space for people to work, engage through organic Sustainable farming and permaculture skills and method for individual, families, and people to learn,teach and experience in a variety of Sustainable and self sufficient living skills on Organic Sustainable Farming.And Permaculture Techniques and skills to help others who can't help themselves prosper through organic and Permaculture knowledge profit sharing, in a community that provides a more wholesome and earth friendly alternative lifestyle.To assist and encourage the application of these skills and ideas in our surrounding community and amongst our neighbors.To established anetwork of these (similar/like_minded) communities/across the country and beyond, which function as a way_stastion for people in community as well as hubs of learning and empowerment for asustanable future. To be fun, but family friendly, while adhering to a positive work ethic that acknowledge the value of our neighbors and our community as a whole. To be inclusive fair and effencient as possible while keeping a productive pace . To hold ourselves to a high standards therefore setting a good example as a community based organization in Kenya that deals with the farming program activities that's have afocusing technical, socially and economically through identification and utilization of available resources for community household benefits through poverty and illiteracy eradication, environmentally management of Permaculture and organic farming, education of the disadvantage orphans children's through vacational skills transferred eg by Way's of Permaculture and Sustainable Organic agriculture and applying simple farmings methods that can upgrade the economic status of our youthful who are in school dropout and still in school and are talented in farmings programs activities in our community. We are situated in nyathuon gweno community Permaculture project village_homabay county in the Eastern part of lake Victoria. AWARDS=To end poverty in the community. Productive=The number of people to be changed through Permaculture knowledge skills, organic farming and agriculture productive. MISSION=To end poverty, illiteracy and also create new innovative ideas of farmings technologys that can help.

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